Your Routine and Annual Exam Checklist

The start of Fall is the best time to get on a schedule. However, as you age, it can become difficult to fit annual health exams into your routine, thanks to work, childcare, and other stressors. However, having routine exams is critical to your physical and mental well-being. Even a general physical check-up with a family doctor can have life-saving effects by protecting you from life-threatening illnesses or at least stopping them in their tracks. 

Why Should I Schedule My Annual Check-Up? 

  1. Preventative measures. 
  2. Update and review your vaccinations. 
  3. Identify overall and individual health goals, such as losing weight. 
  4. Establish a routine to ensure your well-being. 


What Exams Do I Need? 

Your general exam will identify the main parts of your body, such as your heart, lungs, and skin. However, depending on your sex assigned at birth, there are additional exams in the annual check-ups you need like: 


  • Prostate Exam 
  • Hernia Exam 
  • Testicular Exam 


  • Pap Smear 
  • Pelvic Exam 
  • Breast Examination 


How Can I Make an Appointment? 

  • Utilize an app such as ZocDoc. 
  • Contact your primary care physician. 
  • Consult family and friends on which physician they see or recommend.  
  • Use the Internet to locate physicians in your area. 
  • The University of Michigan Resources 


Setting aside time for your annual exam can appear inconvenient, but it might just save your life. Be sure to schedule your appointment today!