Vista Maria

Vista Maria employs nearly 300 child welfare heroes throughout Southeast Michigan. The organization’s mission is to foster restorative relationships and deliver innovative care, treatment, and education so that vulnerable youth and families believe in their worth, heal, and build skills for success. 

Employee self-care and self-preservation have been a priority for leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The team shares resources and webinars with staff multiple times a week to encourage them to take care of themselves. 

During the pandemic, staff continueto be exceptional in caring for youth in residential care, as well as youth and families in foster care. To thank them for their efforts and keep them motivated, employees received a self-care package from leadership containing sweet and salty treats, drink mixes, and lotions 

“We plan to share another care package with employees as a reminder that they are our sunshine during this storm,” said Becky Herman, manager of culture and values advancement at Vista Maria. “We are so thankful for the efforts our team is putting in every day to ensure our kids continue to feel safe and loved.” 

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