The Science of Happiness: How to Build Resilience and Flourish at Work

This webinar was provided by WellRight.

Thursday, March 5, at 12:00pm CST

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In this webinar you will learn how to motivate employees to choose wisely in support of their well-being and performance, stopping self-sabotage. Participants will gain an understanding of how they can avoid three psychological traps to overcome one’s inner critic, stop comparison to others, and end complaining.

Utilizing key positive psychology principles to support employees you will learn:

    • How to manage your thoughts and emotions to bolster resilience despite setbacks
    • How to quiet your inner critic so self doubt doesn’t lead to defeat
    • How to start appreciating your circumstances so you can experience heightened positivity, hope, and enthusiasm for your work and life
    • How to become responsible for your own success and well-being, taking the pressure off of the organization

As a speaker and executive coach, Stella Grizont works with leaders who are seeking deeper career fulfillment and with organizations who are dedicated to elevating the well-being of their employees.