SEG Automotive

From the beginning of the Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order, SEG Automotive leadership has encouraged positive mental health and well-being throughout the organization.

The Human Resources department sends a weekly SEG Automotive COVID-19 newsletter to keep employees connected and informed, which includes a column devoted to weekly developments from the federal and state government regarding COVID-19.

Another column focuses on different wellness topics including:

    • International Day of Happiness
    • Coronavirus anxiety: how to cope with the stress, fear, and uncertainty
    • What the CARES Act means for you
    • Coping techniques for kids
    • Calming breathing techniques
    • Playlist of calming songs
    • How weather affects mood

Many SEG employees are working from home with the additional responsibility of keeping their children mentally and physically active. To support these employees, SEG leadership created an additional column to share tips on how employees can communicate with their children about the pandemic, educational tools to use at home, and strategies for keeping kids on a schedule.

The last column is used to share upcoming employee engagement events and occasional jokes to provide humor during the current situation.

Staying socially connected is vital for maintaining positive mental health. The Fun Committee organizes weekly activities for employees to participate in, including:

    • Trivia questions
    • Scavenger hunts
    • Drawing version of “telephone”
    • Guess who games: whose home office, who’s that baby, and whose mom version in light of Mother’s Day

For SEG, sharing relevant information and connecting on a weekly basis is a great way to encourage positive mental health and well-being throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.