Mindset is Key to a Healthier and Happier Holiday Season

man cutting the turkey at thanksgiving dinner.

This blog was provided by Weight Watchers

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and afterwards is the five-week countdown to the same New Year’s resolution to lose-weight-and-get-back in shape that many Americans make year after year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. NOW, is the perfect time to shift your mindset so that you can enjoy a happier and healthier holiday season – without guilt or weight gain.

“What’s in your head is just as important as what’s on your plate,” says,” Florine Mark, President and CEO of The WW  (Weight Watchers) Group, Inc.  “Being able to enjoy the holiday season is first about being in the right frame of mind.  After all, if you think differently, you’ll act differently by selecting foods and drinks that help you feel good on the inside and out, while the enjoying the festivities.”

No matter what your goals are — whether it’s to lose weight, eat healthier, avoid holiday weight gain or move more – changing your mindset is the best place to start.  And you don’t have to wait until the Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day to start improving your mindset.

friends enjoying a holiday meal together

Here are a few tips and recipes from WW to help you kick off a healthier and happier holiday season –starting now.

    • Practice Self Compassion: Are your friends perfect?  (No, right?) When they fall down, you pick them back up.  Give yourself the same permission to be imperfect – especially during the holiday season.  Studies show that people who practice self-compassion are more likely to eat well, exercise and take good care of themselves, even when stressed.  They’re also better able to lose weight and maintain it.  So, start now by being your biggest supporter.  It will benefit your mindset and waistline.
    • Get Back on Track: It’s easy to overindulge during holiday festivities, but if it happens regroup and move on. With a growth mindset, this situation and similar ones can provide a chance to learn, grow and improve.  Don’t let setbacks discourage you. Missteps allow you to refocus and get back on track.