Lung Cancer Screening Resources

In 2020, the pandemic caused many Americans to cancel routine wellness visits with their medical providers. As a result, critical screenings declined more than 50% from the previous year.

When it comes to lung cancer, those diagnosed at an early stage typically see a 5-year survival rate of nearly 60%, but when diagnosed at a late stage, the 5-year survival rate decreases to only 6%.

Recognizing the signs and visiting the doctor regularly are important for diagnosing early symptoms of lung cancer and increasing the chance of survival.

Merck is working with medical providers across the country to encourage individuals to resume doctor visits, including screenings for lung cancer. You can make a difference in your workplace and community – below are lung cancer and screening resources to review and share with employees and loved ones.

Importance of Detecting Lung Cancer Early

Lung Cancer and COVID-19: Impact of the Pandemic on Screening and Diagnosis

Early Detection of Lung Cancer: What Employees Should Know