Healthy Summer Activities That Foster Well-Being

man kayaking on Michigan lake

It doesn’t feel like a traditional Michigan summer without festivals, concerts, and backyard barbecues. Just because events are canceled doesn’t mean summer has to be. Below is a list of healthy summer activities that foster well-being. 

Walking and running: Daily walks or runs are a great way to boost heart health and foster positive mental well-being. Doing this with a friend or neighbor can provide encouragement and accountability. If you have a wearable device such as an Apple Watch or FitBit, you can digitally connect with friends and family to experience the same benefits. 

Set daily goals for your walks or runs to make it more engaging. Are you going for distance or time? Or are you simple enjoying spending time outdoors? FitBit’s badge program awards digital badges once users reach milestones. For example, the London badge is awarded when metro-Detroit users walk 250 miles since joining.  

Ready to take running to the next level? Register for a virtual race to participate in a summer 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon. Training for the race with friends is a great way to stay connected and reach your fitness goals.  

Outdoor workouts and yoga: While gyms in Southeast Michigan remain closed, you can stay physically active at home. If you already have a home workout routine, consider a change in scenery with an outside workout. Here is a resistance band chair workout from Henry Ford Health System.  

Some people prefer to work out in a group setting due to the community and social supportMeet friends regularly at a nearby park and workout together. There are also online fitness programs you can join to gain the same social aspects. Search for a fitness program that fits with your schedule, intensity level, and budget.   

Yoga is a beneficial practice for the mindbody, and soulConsider incorporating sun salutations into your morning routine for an energizing start to the day 

Kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding:  Take advantage of Michigan’s summer months by visiting a nearby lake for a day of swimming, kayaking, or paddle boarding. View this Hour Detroit article for the top locations to kayak and canoe in Metro Detroit.  

Hula hoop or jump rope 

If you have kids, you might have these items around the house. Hula hooping or jumping rope for 5-10 minutes each day will significantly elevate your heart rateimprove coordination, and strengthen bones 

Start a vegetable garden 

While this isn’t fitness-related, starting your own vegetable garden is a perfect summer activity. Tending to plants is proven to support overall health and well-being, according to Henry Ford Health SystemPlus, growing healthy vegetables will encourage you to incorporate them into your diet more.  

Summer activities are a great way to foster well-being and maintain physical activity and mental clarity. Commit to a healthy activity this month and experience the benefits.