Be the Healthy Change Champion in Your Organization

Are you waiting for someone else in your company to take charge and bring about healthy changes? Well, stop waiting and become that person yourself. Change has to start somewhere, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t start with you. You can make a difference and encourage workplace wellness.

Not Sure You Can Make A Difference? Consider this Example

In 2015, Afroz Shah and his neighbor Harbansh Mathur began picking up trash on a beach in Mumbai. Their work inspired others to volunteer in the cleanup, and together they collected more than 4,000 tons of trash. For his efforts, Shah received a U.N. 2016 Champion of the Earth Award. Then, this March, 80 olive ridley sea turtles hatched on the newly cleaned beach for the first time in 20 years, according to the Times of India.

Shah’s inspiring story shows how powerful a good example can be. When we see one person making the effort, we are encouraged to join in. This includes your place of work.

Model Healthy Behavior

If you want to see change in your workplace, start with yourself. By adopting good habits, you will inspire others around you to do the same. Here are four easy ways to start:

  1. Be polite. When we are stressed, it can be easy to take our frustrations out on others. Don’t contribute to this. Ask for things politely, express thanks when people help you, and compliment others on a job well done.
  2. Take wellness breaks. A short break is good for your physical health. It can also refresh your mind and help you to be more productive. Take a break, stretch your legs, and walk around the block. Invite others on your team to join you. Consider a walking meeting.
  3. Bring healthy lunches. Does everyone at your work order fat- and salt-laden fast food for lunch? Break the trend by bringing a healthy meal from home. In addition to the health benefits, this habit can save you money.
  4. Find a cause and volunteer. By inviting your colleagues to join you in giving back to your community, you can improve the morale at your organization too.

Suggest Worthy Programs

You can create a lot of change on your own, but sometimes you may need to enlist the help of your employer. For the best results, suggest specific programs that have documented benefits. For example:

  1. Suggest a weight loss challenge, following the guidelines in this Win by Losing Toolkit.
  2. Coordinate lunch and learn sessions.
  3. Lead five-minute workouts with the permission of your supervisor.
  4. Propose a diabetes prevention program.
  5. Educate team members on mental health and how to use your company’s employee assistance program.

Whatever you do, don’t wait for someone else to take the lead. Workplace wellness starts with you.