Four Steps to Implement a Culture of Well-Being at Work

This blog was provided by MI Blues Perspectives.

Companies that embrace well-being by making it part of workplace culture have employees who are more likely to practice healthy habits and be productive and engaged. Focusing on employee well-being can show your staff they’re valued and can help them focus on components of their physical, mental, social and financial health.

If you’re ready to develop or improve your workplace well-being culture, here are four steps to get you started.

Step 1: Evaluate your current state:

Use data you have at your disposal such as medical claims, absentee and turnover rates, and exit interviews to identify employee well-being needs. You can also conduct an engagement survey to determine the well-being services or programs that would be most appreciated by your team.

Step 2: Identify what’s working and what’s not

Based on your initial assessment, you’ll likely see positives in your workplace culture that you can build and expand on. You might also find areas that could be improved. Look at the not-so-bright spots in your assessment as opportunities to be better, not as failings.

Step 3: Put a plan in place

Once you know where your employees are struggling, you’ll have a better sense for types of well-being programming you can start offering. Maybe your employees expressed a desire to be more physically active but can’t find the time. Starting a lunchtime walking club could be a great way to foster more physical activity and social connectedness. Other program opportunities include mental health support, employee volunteerism efforts and health or financial education offerings.

Step 4: Measure your results

Once you start well-being programming, set regular intervals to re-assess how your employees are doing. Set goals around improved employee health markers, employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and less turnover. Keep evaluating what’s working and what’s not and adjust your plan as needed.

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This blog was provided by MI Blues Perspectives. As a Wellness Works partner, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan shares content developed by subject-matter experts to provide well-rounded information to our readers.