10 Summer Team-Building Tactics for the Workplace

You can hire individuals, but you have to build teams.

Every workplace needs a great team to thrive – but what exactly does it mean to have a great team? For a start, each individual needs to have the right hard and soft skills for the job they’re doing. The skills of the individuals need to complement each other. That’s important, but it’s still not quite enough. To function as a productive, efficient team, the individuals also have to understand and trust each other.

That’s where team building comes in. While strong teams can form through the normal course of work, team-building activities can help the process. Away from their desks and demands, workers can compete and collaborate in a way that’s more fun and less stressful. They have time to socialize and to get to know each other. Investing in team building is the same as investing in your team.

If you’re already sold on the concept of team building, now you just need some ideas to get going. Here are 10 to try out this summer.

  1. An Escape Room. Everyone has to work together to figure out the puzzles and escape before time’s up. It’s an exciting way to work on teamwork.
  2. A Scavenger Hunt. This is an inexpensive activity that’s fairly simple to organize. Small teams can work together to be the first to find the items on the list.
  3. Ziplining. Doing this as a team activity will give workers a memorable experience to bond over.
  4. Volunteering. This is a great way to tackle team building and community involvement at once. Start with a cause everyone can get behind and reach out to a local organization to find a way to help.
  5. A Party. Organizing the party is the real team-building exercise here. Workers will have to arrange for decorations, food and entertainment. Attending the party is the reward – and another chance for socialization and bonding.
  6. Improv. Improv comedy helps people think on their feet, take risks and communicate clearly. It’s also a blast. Sign your team up for a corporate workshop or organize your own activities.
  7. Bowling. This is a fun activity regardless of skill level. Have teams compete against each other for the best score.
  8. Trivia. One worker might know a lot about pop culture, while another knows more about history. Working as a team in a trivia game is a great way for everyone to appreciate each other strengths. Create your own trivia challenge or head somewhere with a trivia night.
  9. Water Balloon Games. These activities are perfect for summer. In the water balloon toss, pairs take turn tossing a water balloon to each other, taking a step back with each toss. In a water balloon relay race, larger teams have to stand in a line a few feet apart and toss balloons from one end of the line to the other.
  10. Games. If you can’t devote an entire day to team building, take an hour or two to play a game. Focus on games that involves teamwork and communication, like Codenames or Charades.