Rescue Detroit Restaurants + Feed Healthcare Heroes

This story is from the Detroit Free Press. 

The Detroit Free Press and the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers are asking for your donation to help serve 5,000 healthy meals to Healthcare Heroes while providing $100,000 to beloved Detroit area restaurants.

We are supporting 10 previous winners of the Detroit Free Press/Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Top 10 Best New Restaurants:

Folk, Grey Ghost, Ima, Leila, Marrow, Mink, Pernoi, Saffron De Twah,  SheWolf Pastificio & Bar and Yum Village.

Our goal is to feed 1,250 Healthcare Heroes per week at participating Detroit area hospital systems:

Beaumont, DMC, Henry Ford Health Systems and Providence/Ascension.

Each meal will cost $20.  Restaurants will use this money to cover food costs, labor, individual containers and delivery, and the remaining dollars will go towards filling the losses they are suffering by not having patrons in their restaurants.  Each restaurant will be paid by the number of meals they make each week.

Our program looks to sustain Detroit area restaurants. Many local restaurants are donating their time and food to feed healthcare heroes, but they are not bringing in any money. Your donation will serve as a much-needed lifeline to these restaurants, while providing healthy meals to front line workers risking their lives every day.

We also want to thank the following local distributors who are all donating food and containers to the restaurants to help this incredible cause: Motor City Seafood, Quality Meats & Culinary Specialties, Guernsey Farms Dairy Carmela Foods Inc., Highland Supply, Green Safe Products, Delvene and Cannelle by Matt Knio

Donations will be collected until April 30th, 2020 at noon.

For more information, visit our list of FAQ’s