2018 Healthy Workplace Contest Winners: P3 Group

P3 North America won the Detroit Regional Chamber’s healthy workplace contest back in 2018. Each contest winner has the opportunity to submit their own blog to Wellness Works. 

P3 North America is a Southfield based company that specializes in consulting and testing services for the automotive industry. P3 is the Healthy Workplace Contest winner hosted by Detroit Regional Chamber this past summer. P3 encourages its employees to live a healthy lifestyle by implementing the following wellness strategies in their workplace:

P3 provides its employees with healthy eating options and encourages them to be active throughout the workday. The kitchens are stocked with healthy snacks, fruits, beverages and supplies to create a well-rounded lunch. It can be difficult in a busy work day to take time out for eating or exercise but at P3 all employees are given that opportunity.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, P3 supports their employees’ efforts by rewarding them for taking walks during the workday in addition to biking and walking to the office. Once inside, the office employees have flexible standing and sitting work-space options. As a group, they encourage one another to take time out from the workday to engage in spirited games of Foosball or Ping Pong. P3 also has their own internal club that organizes fun and active events such as soccer tournaments, hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing, running and fitness classes.

All P3 employees are offered three different medical plan options along with discounts on gym membership programs. One of their healthcare providers also offers employee assistance programs for mental and emotional well-being with free access to healthy living consultants.

These initiatives and activities speak to P3’s Core Values and their company culture. One of the core values at P3 is “Work Hard, Play Hard” which is a belief that they have fun, are relaxed and maintain balance as a collective whole. Another P3 Core Value that speaks to their healthy workplace environment is “One P3”. One P3 means that as a company they show respect, collaboration and support for another. As a company, P3 agrees that when they are healthy and happy together they can be more committed, dedicated and engaged in all they do; in alignment with another P3 Core Value, “Skin in the Game”.