Movember: Men’s Health Awareness Month

Across the world, men are dying too young. Men are dying on average 5 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons. Around 10.8 million men globally have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young males and accounts for 69% of all suicides worldwide. Movember is working to change this devastating statistic.

Movember is a global organization that funds groundbreaking projects all over the world, engages men, and works to accelerate change. Since 2003, Movember has helped launch 1,250 projects around the world to support men’s health including mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer awareness.

The History of the Mustache

In the early 2000s, the mustache was absent in men’s fashion trends. While chatting in a bar in Melbourne, Australia, two friends joked about bringing the mustache back. They challenged 30 men to grow a mustache for the month of November, each chipping in $10 to help fund men’s health and prostate cancer. “Inspired by the moustache’s ability to generate a conversation,” the original 30 decided to grow the concept by registering Movember as a business and creating a website.

Today, there are 6,538,699 Mo Bros and Mo Sisters across 21 countries. Read more about this history of Movember’s early years.

How to Get Involved

Whether or not you can grow a mustache, there are ample ways to get involved and make a difference in your local community.

  1. Grow a mustache. Sign up to be a Mo Bro and raise funds from family, friends, and coworkers.
  2. Move for Movember. Sign up to run or walk 60 miles over the month of November. Sixty miles represents the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour across the world.
  3. Host a Mo-ment. Sign up to host an event and do something fun and easy, virtual or in person. Hosting is all about having a good time and raising funds for a good cause.
  4. Donate once or monthly to contribute to men’s health projects across the world. Your donation funds medical research, groundbreaking tests and trials, life-changing men’s health programs and innovative treatments.
  5. Get creative. Brainstorm your own ways to utilize your time and talents to raise funds to support men’s health.

Men’s health in our communities is in need of our attention, time, and support. Learn more about Movember’s mission and get involved today.