Mental Fitness in Challenging Times

This article is provided by Laura Rizzo, certified professional life and executive coach and founder of Luv All Coaching.

These are challenging times, no doubt. Recent events like the pandemic, volatile financial markets, social unrest, political changes and violence, have overstretched us. When we humans feel that we are at capacity for handling life’s challenges, overwhelm, stress, anger, short fuses, anxiety, depression, etc…can creep in, exacerbating it all…which beckons the question:

How is your mind handling present day challenges?

Do you find yourself spending time in negative spaces? Anxious? Perseverating over the injustices, the brutalities? Angry about the state of our world, judging everything and everyone, feeling hopeless and helpless about all the things going on?

Our mental fitness is being tested. How effective is your mind at de-stressing and helping you navigate these challenges?

The opportunity here is to grow your mental fitness, so that your mind works for your overall well-being and success. The gift is that you’ll also become more resilient!

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