Giving Back in the Workplace Contest Winner

Congratulations to Oswald Companies for winning Wellness Works’ Giving Back in the Workplace contest 

Oswald Companies regularly participates in a variety of philanthropic activities. For years, community engagement has played an important role in the organization’s culture.  

Oswald Companies is a team of strategic advisors and partners in risk management and insurance. With six locations in Ohio and one in Detroit, Oswald Companies works to secure successful futures for their clients, partners, and communities.  

Passionate employees volunteer monthly at Pope Francis Center to provide guests with healthy meals. “Regular contact makes us feel invested in the organization’s mission. When you get to know guests by name, it becomes personal,” explains Cathy Kosin, Senior Vice President, Market Leader, Detroit

For the second year, a team of employees partnered with Life Remodeled to remove blight in a local Detroit neighborhoodThe team increased safety in the neighborhood by clearing an overgrown alley so service vehicles could enter if needed. 

The good work continues. Oswald Companies partners with Oakland Family Services to organize monthly visits to four local preschools. Employees volunteer to read to the children and leave books behind. By creating these ongoing connections, Oswald Companies employees are contributing to a healthier workplace, community, and Detroit region.  

For winning the contest, Wellness Works donated $100 to the Ronald McDonald House in Detroit on behalf of Oswald Companies.  

Thank you to Oswald Companies and the other workplaces who participated in the contest. Giving back strengthens the corporate brand, offers health benefits, makes employees feel impactful, and supports team building. When organizations support local causes, the effects can ripple through the entire community.