Drug Adherence Discount Program Helps Save Money

This article was provided by MI Blues Perspectives. 

Every medication says it on the label: Take as directed. While it is important to take the recommended dosage at the appropriate time as directed by a doctor, many people do not. As a result, their health suffers, sometimes leading to more intense and expensive future care. Often, the cost of a prescription medication is a barrier that prevents people from refilling and taking medication as directed by a doctor.

To help people afford their medications, motivate them to refill regularly and take as directed, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan created the Drug Adherence Discount program. The program focuses on certain drugs treating common, chronic conditions where following doctors’ orders can improve health and prevent serious complications.

On average, those enrolled in this free program save an average of 45% on their out-of-pocket costs for eligible medications. The program is growing quickly and continues to add more medications. Currently, the program offers cost savings on medicine used to treat:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Respiratory conditions

How it Works

BCBSM begins by identifying members who have filled a prescription for a qualifying medication. Then BCBSM and its partner, Sempre Health, send program and enrollment information through letters, postcards and email.

Once enrolled, Sempre Health sends a text message or email reminder when it’s time to refill a prescription every month. When the prescription is refilled and picked up on time, the patient will earn a discount on the copay. Monthly discounts grow bigger each month as the prescriptions are refilled on time.

Getting Results

While the program only began in January 2020, the benefits are apparent. By mid-October, more than 35,000 eligible members had enrolled and together saved more than $1.3 million. The average discount is $63 per prescription refill, which translates to an average copay of $21. The program’s intention of helping people refill their prescriptions on time has proved successful. To date, 92% of members have refilled on time.

The drug discount program is one of the solutions BCBSM offers to improve the health of its members and lower costs. Interesting in enrolling? Learn more by visiting enroll.semprehealth.com/bcbsm.

This article was provided by MI Blues Perspectives.