COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Update

On May 11th, the CDC marked the end of the federal COVID-19 PHE declaration. Because of this, the CDC’s authorizations to collect certain types of public health data will expire. Since 2020, the U.S. has reached a new point in fighting COVID-19. There are more resources and information available that have us better equipped going forward. Although the PHE is now over, the CDC will continue to report valuable data to inform individual and community public health actions to protect those at highest risk of severe COVID-19. The CDC says, “our priority remains providing the information necessary to protect the nation’s public health.” 

What Does This Mean? 

  • At home COVID-19 test kits may not be covered by insurance. 
  • Vaccines will still be available.  
  • Treatment for COVID-19 will still be available.  
  • Reporting of COVID-19 statistics will change.  

CDC Metrics Still Available for the Public 

  • Hospital admissions. 
  • COVID-19 deaths. 
  • COVID-19 diagnoses. 
  • Test positivity. 
  • Wastewater surveillance. 
  • COVID-19 vaccine frequency. 

Click here to read the full description of changes to the reporting of statistics by the CDC for COVID-19. 


 We acknowledge the importance of staying healthy and positive during these times despite the end of the PHE. Below are some resources provided by Pfizer to share with your family, friends, and colleagues.