Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Celebrates 80 Years of Positive Change

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) is celebrating 80 years of providing Michigan residents with affordable health care. This year, BCBSM acknowledged the partners, members, and communities who contributed to this achievement. 

photo of the blue cross blue shield of Michigan building with a colorful "80" sign to represent their 80th anniversary.
Photo courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

“We’re proud that over the last eight decades we have increased access to quality, affordable health care, improved patient health and safety, and raised the quality of care for our members and customers, states CEO Daniel Loepp 

Since 1939, BCBSM extended its reach far beyond the health care industry. Commitment to improving the health and well-being of Michigan communities remained one of Blue Cross’ strategic objectives. Click here to view BCBSM’s historical timeline. 

Through the years, BCBSM partnered with a variety of businesses and non-profit organizations to contribute to healthier Michigan citizens and communities. The organization takes great pride in serving Michigan seniorsadvocating for healthy food access, and changing lives through partnerships such as Mariners Inn and Detroit’s East Warren/Cadieux Corridor. 

What’s next for BCBSM? “We are delivering new innovations to improve health, bring more value, and provide more affordable options to lower the overall cost of care, says Loepp. 

Wellness Works was built in partnership with BCBSM with a mission to create healthy employees, increase business performance, and contributto a thriving Detroit region 

In celebration of their milestone anniversary, BCBSM shared 80 ways their employees and teams are making a difference for Michigan members and communities. Visit to learn more.